DanceKids Dinosaur Discovery Program Review

Bron Leahy of Torrens Preschool sent us this lovely review of the DanceKids Dinosaur Discovery Program.

“Torrens Preschool has been fortunate to take part in the DanceKids dinosaur program with Sue Jones for a number of years. The weekly classes of the program address all five outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework and provide a strong focus of learning through the Arts (dance, movement and music) and the Sciences. The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority’s NQS Assessment at Torrens Preschool in 2015 noted the significant contribution the DanceKids program played towards Quality Area 2 Children’s health and safety by promoting the provision of high quality equipment, resources, and experiences in a way that strongly addresses and promotes movement, fundamental gross motor and coordination skills.

The DanceKids dinosaur program provided the children with a good introduction to dinosaurs, particularly Australian dinosaurs. It also gave them opportunities to explore the concept of fossilised material and the role of a palaeontologist, and to learn about the Wollemi pine tree and how it is linked to Australia’s dinosaurs. The program was highly engaging and captured the children’s imagination throughout. The props and costumes used in the program were educational and of excellent quality. Sue provides teachers with a comprehensive outline for each week’s program to allow preparation and follow up in programming and intentional teaching experiences. The Torrens Preschool program was particularly well received by both the children and their parents. It concluded with a delightful concert in the final week for parents and families to celebrate the children’s involvement in the program. I would highly recommend the DanceKids dinosaur program to other schools and preschools.”

Bron Leahy

Torrens Primary School

Torrens Preschool