DanceKids at the Easter Beechworth Festival

Over the Easter weekend, DanceKids teamed up with Beechworth Honey to join in the festivities at the Golden Horseshoes 2013 Festival event. It commemorates the legend of Daniel Cameron who, 158 years ago this year, famously led a parade through the streets of Beechworth on a horse shod with shoes of real gold.

Each East Saturday, the 1855 legend is re-enacted with a ceremonial shoeing of a horse with golden shoes, and a Grand Parade led by a rider in the guise of Daniel Cameron.

We had a fantastic time with glorious weather delivering the Honey Bee theme in a garden setting. Several sessions were presented over the Easter week-end and the children taking part revelled in dressing up in the famous DanceKids Bee costumes.

The Famous DanceKids Bee Costumes

We swarmed out into the cordoned off streets among the crowds of people and stall holders who were somewhat startled to see such a swarm of rather large bees! Back in the garden, a beautiful old tree created the perfect place for us to cluster. We stayed in our cluster taking good care of our Queen while the scouts went off to find a new place for us to build a new colony.

Of course we also enjoyed acting out all the regular things bees do, like making honey and pollinating flowers. We now appreciate the fact that Honey Bees don’t just make yummy honey, they are also very important for our food security! Where would we be without Honey Bees to pollinate the trees and plants that produce so many of our fruit and vegetable?

To cap off our Bee experience the Beechworth Honey people had a display of live bees in a big glass box so we could safely have a really good look at them. It was a funny feeling dressed up and looking just like bees and watching the real thing! At the Beechworth Honey shop we could taste all sorts of honey that was made from different types of trees and see some great things made from bees wax.

You might have missed out this year, but why don’t you put the Beechworth Golden Horseshoes Festival in your diary for 2014? There was so much to do with street stalls, live music, night markets at the historic Gaol and of course there are so many interesting shops in Beechworth. It is truly a beautiful part of the world with the Victorian Alps right on the doorstep. See you there next Easter!