In addition to our regular programs, we offer uniquely tailored packages to small and big businesses. Whether you are looking for a modified version of our regular programs or all new content we are more than happy to work with you. Get in touch here.

In the past Dance Kids has worked alongside a number of corporate entities, some examples are below:

Hide and Seek – Uncovering the Science Behind Camouflage (click for more info)

A joint project by CSIRO and DSTO (Defence Science and Technology). This presentation set out to demonstrate how people (more specifically our defence forces) learn from nature. DanceKids illustrated camouflage techniques used in the natural world with a visually exciting theatre presentation.

Surf, Sea and Sand – Between the Flags, National Museum of Australia (click for more info)

A series of workshops for young children that celebrated the 100 years of Surf Life Saving exhibition at the Museum. These workshops culminated in a presentation on Australian Day 2006 in the Great Entrance Hall of the Museum.

Rainforest – Celebrating CSIRO’s 75th Anniversary (click for more info)

Presented in the CSIRO Discovery theatrette, this production reflected the research work being carried out by CSIRO scientists on Australian Tropical Rainforests. Sue Jones (DanceKids Director) visited the CSIRO research station on the Atherton Tablelands to gain an insight into the research work. This information was then transformed into an accurate and engaging production.

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