Rainforest – Celebrating CSIRO’s 75th Anniversary

rainforest corporate
Client: CSIRO Discovery
Event: CSIRO’s 75th Birthday Celebrations
Purpose: to showcase the research work being carried out by CSIRO Scientists into Tropical Rainforests in North Queensland.
Audience: General Public
Outcome: 800 people attended over 8 performances.
Referee: Christine Cansfield-Smith – 0412126219 – (Director CSIRO Discovery)

Production Details:

Using theatre, lighting and dance, the theatrette in the CSIRO Discovery Centre was transformed into a magnificent Rainforest. The set provided a vertically layered infrastructure that enabled us to emulate micro habitats from the forest floor to the canopy.

In the opening scene, dancers became Torres Strait (Nutmeg) pigeons migrating down the Queensland coast from New Guinea. The story of the cycles within the forest unfolded with rhinoceros beetles busily helping with the process of decomposition and little ground birds searching through the leaf litter.

Scenes of different habitats were linked together to show the inter-dependence and biodiversity of life within the Rainforest.

Research shows that the calls of Golden Bower Birds from each isolated, mountain top population, is identifiably different.  This may mean that each group could loose the ability to communicate with the next, perhaps creating different races.

The study of the Lemeroid Possums demonstrated how they live in the tree tops and never come to ground. With the use of film, an impression was achieved of a road running through the forest, impeding the ability of the possums to traverse their habitat. This understanding highlights the need for careful planning of man made barriers, such as roads, in such a sensitive habitat.

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