Ocean Life

The Beach

An amazing variety of ecosystems exist within our oceans, from pods of whales to schools of fish. In this theme we look at the migration path of humpback whales, the way they breathe through their blowholes, and their unique tail patterns which make the identification of individual whales possible. Next we look at the anatomy of jellyfish and study their pulsing motion, and children are later given the opportunity to don beautiful jelly fish costumes and mimic this motion. We also look at hermit crabs and mimic some of their movements in our hermit crab dance. Lastly, we explore the way herring move in a school, rely on each other for protection from predators, and communicate by making unique clicking sounds.

Week One

Topic 1A – Overview of life Under the Sea

Topic 1B – Hump-Backed Whales:

  • Migration
  • How we tell the difference between whales?
  • How they Move, Breathe, Eat and general biology

Week Two

Topic – Jellyfish:

  • Anatomy
  • How they Move
  • Who are their relatives?

Week Three

Topic – Fish

  • Why do fish school?
  • How do they communicate?
  • Why don’t they bump into each other?

Week Four

Topic – Hermit Crabs

  • Are they are true crab?
  • Who are they related to?
  • Anatomy – how do they get into shells?

Week Five

We link the previous week’s focus points together to create a complete story.