Australian Curriculum

early years


Our Discovery Programs have been specifically designed to align with the Australian Curriculum in Science, Sustainability and the Arts for junior school students (Foundation to Year Two).

Using the Honey Bees Discovery Program as an example, we have prepared a detailed breakdown of the Curriculum Elements we cover in the document linked at the bottom of the page. As is evident in the breakdown, our Programs are not limited to a particular scientific field. They have been specifically designed to be cross disciplinary regardless of the Discovery Program, giving the students a broad but focused learning experience.

Cross-curriculum Priorities – Sustainability

Sustainability is and always has been part of our philosophy at DanceKids. Its introduction as a Cross-curriculum Priority broadens the links our Programs have to the Australian Curriculum. One of many examples of this is our Rainforest Program, which explores the symbiotic nature of the rainforest eco system and spells out the rainforest’s importance to our way of life. In the case of the Honey Bees Program, we examine the concept of pollination, which is critical to sustaining our food supply.

Discovery Programs Appropriate for Different Year Levels

We have created three versions of each of our Discovery Programs to account for the three year levels we work with. While they all share the philosophy of DanceKids – engaging through movement – we introduce increasingly complex scientific phenomena to the higher year levels. This keeps our programs fun and educational regardless of the participants’ ages and aligns with many of the Australian Curriculum Elements at every year level.

Click here to download the document.

International Baccalaureate

Are you from a school that runs on the International Baccalaureate system? We’ve developed a document that shows how our Discovery Programs link with the IB.

Click here to download the document.