Early Years Learning Framework

early years


With the transfer to the Early Years Learning Framework, DanceKids has prepared this document to outline how our Discovery Programs address the new Learning Outcomes for children in Pre-Schools and Childcare Centres.

Using examples from all of our Themed Programs, we have created a detailed breakdown of how we align the new Early Years Learning Framework on the following pages. As is evident in the breakdown, our Programs are not limited to a particular Element of The Framework. We understand the importance of using a combination of Principles, Practise and Learning Outcomes to engage with children in a positive manner.

Play Based Learning

The core of a DanceKids Discovery Program is play based learning. By integrating kinaesthetic learning into our programs we give children many opportunities to experiment and learn through play. Examples of this can be found in all of our Discovery Programs, for instance in our Honey Bees Program children will learn about the movements and dances of bees by using their own bodies to mimic them.

This approach generates a number of results, including capturing children’s imagination so they become fully engaged in the Program’s creative materials. Once engaged, they grow in self-confidence and gain a more advanced understanding of their own bodies. It is this combination of imaginative learning styles, which makes DanceKids a unique and positive experience for children who are transitioning through one of the most definitive times of their lives.

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