Discovery Programs

DanceKids Discovery Programs form an innovative pathway of learning for many schools, preschools and childcare centre’s across Canberra. We offer twelve different themes programs, such as Honey Bees, Under the Sea, Rainforests and Around the World. We also support the Take Flight Education Creative Classroom kits program both with comprehensive classroom resources and professional learning for F-2 educators (new in 2019). Read more about The Dancing Honey Bee here.

Each Discovery Program unfolds like chapters in a story. where children can’t wait to find out what happens next! The adventures for each program run over five weeks, with 4 x 30 minute sessions and 1 x 45 minute session in the final week, where all the episodes come together. Throughout all the sessions, and especially in the final week, we use creative materials and costumes to enhance the children’s discovery experiences.

Through comprehensive research each of the 12 programs has been carefully designed to facilitate a factual learning experience about nature, society and the world. With the aid of props, sets, costumes and experienced instructors, every child is also able to learn the fundamentals of movement, strengthen their coordination, rhythm and balance, build confidence and self-esteem, and most of all, have fun.

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The Toddlers Program aims to kindle an interest in the world around us: different environments and life forms. It introduces concepts through movement and play acting, and enables each child to develop an awareness of their own body and their capacity for movement. The program also covers colour and image recognition using pictures. imaginary paint and other techniques.

One day we might be inching along like caterpillars and then become a butterfly. Another day we have fun discovering how bees make honey or Dinosaurs move. We see so many beautiful pictures, and the DanceKids Instructors help us dance like bees or swim like whales and we never want to take off the great costumes!


The Preschool Program builds on the foundation of the Toddler Program. It aims to grow a deeper interest in and knowledge about the world, and introduces more complex scientific concepts and language. It continues to facilitate kinaesthetic learning, and includes more physically challenging movements. Children are taught about the differences in animal anatomy and how that affects the way they move.

Now we are a bit bigger we can really get into the action and dance like camouflaging decorator crabs and leaf-tailed geckos. We might even migrate like the Bogong Moths that hide from the Pygmy Possums! Sometimes we imagine we have the anatomy of a different animal that makes us move in different ways.

Primary School:

The Primary School Program continues to deliver content through a kinaesthetic means of learning and extends each child’s physical abilities, hypothetical thinking skills and imagination. The program provides primary school children with a safe place to experiment while they learn, which allows them to become fully engaged with the learning materials.

Beyond this, the program prepares the children for greater social and environmental responsibility. Their place in the natural and human world is explored and they are encouraged to be proactive in all aspects of their lives. This underlying philosophy is the core tenet of the Primary School Program as it assists teachers in setting their students on a successful path in both their social lives and their eventual careers.

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