At The BeachAround The WorldButterfliesCamouflageColours And Numbers Are FunDeep In The Rainforest

DinosaursHoney BeesMaking MusicMexicoUnder The SeaWe Need Water

DanceKids currently offers twelve different themed 5-week long Discovery Programs.

From Around the World to Honey Bees, each of the twelve themes embodies the educational values that DanceKids aspires to teach.

Each program has been exhaustively researched and planned to provide the participants with a fun, creative and educational experience. Each theme introduces different cultures and scientific concepts to the participants and also covers a number of the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework Goals.

For an extensive breakdown of which goals are covered, click here, or click on the images above for more detailed information about a theme.

DanceKids have created three versions of each theme to account for each of the three age groups we work with. This keeps our programs fun and educational regardless of the participants’ ages or learning abilities.

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