Lovely fanmail!

What makes DanceKids special and valuable is a bit hard to put into words sometimes, but here is what some DanceKids parents and teachers have said over the years:

As I mentioned, my son has a language delay and has been in a Curtin Language Intervention Unit for the last two years.  I believe your dance programme has strongly benefited my son.  He has learnt so much and comes home talking about jellyfish and sharks and Antarctica plus dorsal fins and all sorts of science concepts that have TRULY stuck in his head. For kids with language problems (or in fact any sort of learning problem), they need multiple ways to learn. So just “seeing” or just “hearing” isn’t going to be enough. Your dance programme has the kids “doing” along with “seeing” and “hearing” and that maximises the chances of learning. I believe your programme has a vital place in special education units along with mainstream schools.”

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