Lovely fanmail!

What makes DanceKids special and valuable is a bit hard to put into words sometimes, but here is what some DanceKids parents and teachers have said over the years:

“Sue Jones taught my children educational dance classes at their preschool in 2018 and 2019. I heard about the content she was teaching through my children and then witnessed her work at the dance recitals she put on with the children each year . . . Not only does Sue bring quality and rigour to her work, but she blends creativity through dance with science – and includes significant amounts of Indigenous learning through her courses. For example, my son learnt about Bogong moths – where they live, what they do, how they were used by Indigenous peoples, all while dancing and working with his peers and performing in front of parents and other adults. To be taking in this type of information and doing this kind of creative work at the age of 3 is simply phenomenal”

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