Lovely fanmail!

What makes DanceKids special and valuable is a bit hard to put into words sometimes, but here is what some DanceKids parents and teachers have said over the years:

“As I was exploring the practice of Emergent Curriculum (EC) theory and brain development in early childhood at the time I first saw Sues work, I saw how Sue’s approach fitted well into the E.C. framework of brain development theory showing how children consciously and unconsciously learn when engaged in hand-on play-based active learning. When exploring new ideas, notions and concepts young children further translate this into concrete experiences and activities.  The additional attraction to Sue’s innovative work was also, of course, the evident joy of learning and play children have when participating in her dance, music and movement, conceptual and dramatic plays. Sue is very much in touch with the inner child and uses her adult knowledge, talent and experience to be creative in a very intelligent, inclusive and participatory way with others.”

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